Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holidays Parties Can Be Like the Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest!

I've heard it said before that at an ugly Christmas sweater party, 'We get to remove ourselves from the protocols and societal norms for a day.  We get to let loose, take down all of the guards and just be…well… ridiculous.'

….But, when it comes to Crohn's, Colitis or any other IBS/IBD gut disease, there are no liberties for letting loose or being ridiculous when we let our guard down and eat/drink foods available at those amazing parties, or family gatherings we are regularly tenuous to attend!  

What we DON'T eat may be just as important as what we DO eat.

Certain foods trigger symptoms. This IS especially important during the holiday season. There will be the amazing sugar, chocolate and alcohol delight that lays before us at the company, family, AND neighborhood party!   Use your 'noggin (not the egg noggin)!  Be aware of your sugar, and alcohol intake.  Those high in fat foods you choose to graze on from the party platter can be consequential on your gut.

I know. Seemingly impossible?  No, very possible!  Keep those healthy reminders in the back of your minds, that the foods you eat act as triggers.  Foods vary widely from person to person … so I won't list foods here… but you no doubt know your trigger foods, therefore avoid them. And when you see the array of tasty Epicurean delights before you, on the holiday menu, which look lovely on a platter, and linger delightfully on the tongue, remember also … they inevitably cause days, weeks, and sometimes months of havoc on the gut.  

Enjoy this wonderful season!   Be wise about your food and beverage choices.  And, DON'T let your eyes dictate what you choose to eat.  Self control is key.  Let the love of family and friends be your delight, this holiday season and not the food.  

Enjoy your holiday season with your beloved, loved ones!   

Merry Christmas!
Be well,

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