Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kids and Crohn's. How are you doing?

Hi Friends,  

Me again…  back by popular demand!  Literally, thank you for your support, and kindness. 

I may not write on a regular basis, and also, the following of LIVING WITH CROHN'S is still very important to me.  I realize there are a plethora of resources at your finger-tips, what with the WEB, but I appreciate your dropping in, from time to time, to read this BLOG.  

I would like to hear FROM YOU!  That is, from our Kids with Crohn's.  I would like to feature some of our young people in my next few BLOGS, who are battling this chronic inflammatory illness. 

I'd like to hear about their day to day routine, their thoughts.  Moment of diagnosis, fears, schooling, hopes, dreams… treatments, and management of his disease, diet, living with Crohn's, or anything that comes to the heart.   

Kids and Crohn's.  How are you doing?

Be Well,

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  1. I shall spread the word to some of my friends and fighters with Chrons. love from a Lupus warrior - keep smiling x